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Baked Beans: A Souvenir for Fine Art. 

date. May 2019

medium. print, interactive

eventWimbledon College of Art, 2019

Beans people

Fine Art will no longer exist as a pathway at the Wimbledon College of Art after the year 2021.

Baked beans hold a special place in the heart of a student, as does the Fine Art programme for the students at UAL's Wimbledon campus.

On May 2nd 2019 in the canteen, I offered a special adaptation of the well known 'Heinz Beans' tin as a souvenir for those still studying or contributing to Fine Art at Wimbledon. A label was made for each fine art pathway: 'Painting', 'Sculpture' and 'Print and Time-based Media'.

In exchange for a limited edition tin, students and staff were invited to voice how they felt the university had communicated with them in regards to the upcoming changes in writing.


The termination of Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Art caused a great deal of upset and disruption for those who were still studying during the 'teach out' at the College. Students and staff felt there was very little communication from the university in terms of the implications this would have on jobs, teaching and the facilities available to the Fine Art department as their numbers decreased. This project aimed to provide a space for these conversations to happen openly and comfortably through a playful, student led project.

This project was supported by the Arts SU Student Initiative Fund.

Beans people
Beans people
Beans hands
Beans canteen
Beans people
Label design:
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