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'Before we sing'. 

date. September 2019

medium. sound, music

length. 5min 54secs



'Burn the Witch'. Safehouse 1. Peckham. 01/10/19

This immersive installation was intended for a single audience member to sit in the chair and listen to music panning between speakers at either side of their head. 

The soundpiece was created after meeting with female musicians to record their warm up and rehearsal processes. These separate recordings were then combined to create a track exposing the musicality in a musician's practise and warm up routines, suggesting these have the potential to hold as much beauty and fluidity as the finished 'performance' or work itself.

This work was made in response to the invitation to exhibit in 'Burn the Witch', an all female exhibition, celebrating work exploring 'femininity' and the 'female form'. 

Recordings include a vocalist, violin and my own traditional Irish flute.

Installation for 'Burn the Witch'
00:00 / 05:55
Installation for 'Burn the Witch'
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