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date. April 2019

medium. sound, music, steel, hair, perspex

exhibition. 'PART'take courage gallery. New Cross. 08/05/19

'Interchange', a sculptural sound installation, had music playing through a woofer, sending vibrations into the metal plate, over time causing  hair to fall onto the perspex plate. This was based on the model of a Chladni plate, which is used to study cymatics; the study of visible sonic vibrations.

The soundpiece was taken from video documentation of my performance playing the Irish flute along with Arabic music on a trip to Israel/Palestine in early 2019.

This work presents an interchange of music and sound between cultures as an alternative form of communication and explores the significance of traditional music in a persons personal/cultural identity.

The work changes over time as the vibrations in the metal cause the hair to fall onto the perspex over time. Rather than choosing a material that would have reacted with the metal plate to make patterns representing the sound waves I chose hair, which is often another significant aspect of personal/cultural identity and holds more symbolic weight.


'PART' Publications.

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