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Take Flight.

date. June, 2022

medium. audio-visual

length. 8mins 40secs


exhibitionCryptic Nights, CCA Glasgow

Take Flight is an audio-visual installation that combines soundscape and video to explore concepts of home and identity. The soundscape takes the listener on a journey through conversation, sampled Irish instruments and layers of ambient electronic and organic sounds while the visuals morph and change in response.  


Through the soundscape we can hear snippets of conversations recorded with my father where he discusses his experiences growing up in 1970’s Northern Ireland. Various questions are asked, including the effect of political conflict on his sense of nationality and his relationship with the place he grew up. Through these conversations, I aim to investigate my relationship with place as well as the differences between mine and my father's experience growing up in the same place, from the troubles to post peace process.


The visuals document a walk following overhead electrical wires in a Palestinian town, Um Al Fahmm, a place that has also experienced political conflict. This is combined with footage of swallows and house martins that migrate to and from the area around my father's house in the Glens of Antrim.

I presented two versions of the work, a video installation as well as a live audio-visual performance on the evening of the private view. Below is available to watch below, as well as images from the live performance.

Take Flight video installation
Live Performance
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