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'Concert Dessiné'. 

date. July 2020

medium. music, sound, performance, drawing


This collaboration took place as part of The Four Hands Meet project, ran by Sarah Nahas, a fellow Wimbledon graduate.


Musicians team up with visual artists to create a hybrid performance work combining music and visual art live. I have collaborated with Sarah on this project as a digital showcase, in hArts Lane Gallery and Hundred Years Gallery..

Sarah-Athina Nahas’ work is centered around the body, or how we, as humans process emotions through our physiological sensations. The idea that the skin is our biggest liar and that peeling it uncovers dirty realities fascinates her.

Toraigh Watson works primarily with sound, her sounds pieces can be described as a hybrid between experimental, contemporary and folkloric sonorities with her beautiful, haunting Irish flute.

hArts Lane Gallery.

Hundred Years Gallery.

Digital event (lockdown project).
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