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date. 08/2021

medium. soundscape, music, performance

This soundscape was performed at the Private View of The Monstrous Femmes exhibition. It was created in response to, my collaborator, Zeena's tapestry 'Desert Herland'. This tapestry was born from a want to be somewhere else during lockdown. The desert landscape was inspired by her love for dry arid environments and Middle Eastern heritage. The title of this work is a reference to Charlotte Perkins Gilman's novel 'Herland', a novel about an island inhabited entirely by women who reproduce via parthenogenesis. 

I drew inspiration from similar ideas in both 'Herland' and the Irish Myth of 'Tir na n'Og'. Both of these explore idealised 'otherworlds'. I wanted to create a dreamlike sonic journey, which by combining ambient music, sampled field recordings and clips of audio recordings I collected from female family members, created a contemplative, tranquil space which poses the question of what we really desire. I asked the question: If you had your own little paradise/ideallyic haven to escape to, it's your own private place and can be as realistic or surreal and imaginative as you like. I was intrigued by both the desire for simple pleasures and how the answers varied through generations; my sister, mother and Nanny. This work was a pleasure to make, and was a great way to connect with other women in my family.

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