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the commute. 

date. 13/03/20

medium. performance, sound, music, writing

length. 7mins (approx)

'The Commute', exploring the fast pace of life in the metropolis, was a short performance showcasing a piece of writing in development. The work was performed as a monologue over an original soundtrack created using sounds gathered on public transport in London on a commute to work, combined with a changing beat.

The monologue describes characters encountered on a late night tube home from work, touching on the irritability of tube passengers, culture of fast-food and the ever-watching eye of surveillance. This expresses the mundane norms of city life; comedic on the surface, with darker undertones.

I was one of a line up of multiple artists showing work across disciplines including video, sound and performance as part of a variety night called 'Elbow Room'. This event that was initiated by students and staff of the 'Print and Time-Based Media' course at Wimbledon College of Arts to provide students working with time-based artwork a platform to trial and receive feedback on work (both finished and in development stages) with a live audience. With the course coming to an end, it was decided the event would be taken off-site to South Kiosk, Copeland Park. Alumni, current students and the course tutors were invited to show work in celebration of PTBM.

Teaser video:

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